The Deadliest Attack in Paris since WWII

This attack on Paris started 21:15 (CET) at several locations, including the football stadium where France and Germany had a game, from the audience at least two explosions could be heard.

Four hours later Hollande proclaimed a state of emergency, closing the borders. Automatic weapons were used (including AK-47s) and several reports of suicide bombers. It should be said that the civilians of Paris are not allowed to own guns. Of the 7 attacks, one of the bloodiest occurred at Bataclan Concert Hall, where concert goers where there to see an American Death Metal band, where at least 82 were left dead. This act of terrorism is to be the bloodiest event in France since the end of World War II. The borders of France have not been closed since World War II, this is also the last time a curfew was put in place for Paris'.

Currently there are no confirmed groups blamed for this attack, it has been suggested that this attack was organized by ISIS as it was supposedly applauded by them via Twitter.[1]

The people of Paris are also speaking out on their lack of ability to protect themselves during this tragedy. Many felt helpless and felt they may have had an opportunity to save precious lives that were lost during this attack.

As they exited the stadium they sang their national anthem, “La Marseillaise”.




BELOW: Footage from Paris, shots fired & the tragedy that followed. This video may to too graphic for some.



Keep Paris in your thoughts and/or prayers.


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The Deadliest Attack in Paris since WWII by Randallgoodwin | Writers Opinion LLC


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