Writers and editors are individuals who have a passion for researching and providing the full story using referenced information. There are many different levels of writers and editors who work together with a common goal of publishing new content.

Writers and Editors work together by providing information and references for an article topic. Their common goal is to provide information that will help inform while using reliable sources.

In order to become a writer you must be a verified user and apply: http://www.writersopinion.com/node/add/writerapp

Follow the prompts on this website to edit your profile page. Verify your information is correct by saving it.

This can be accessed on any users' profile. This request will be reviewed and evaluated. Each account can report a user once. Thank you in advance helping by reporting abusive users.

Serious types of abuse:

Product Promotion.
Inaccurate footnotes to reference content.
Multiple article locks.

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Someone is currently editing this article. Only one user is allowed to edit the article at a time. Locks expire after a set period of time.

There is a special text editor located below the article body called "Contributors", one button is provided. Click the button, start typing your username, select your username, then click ok. Follow the guidelines provided to tell users how you contributed.

Go to the revisions tab and select the content in question, click "Compare", take note of the editors username in question. Scroll down and click the button to report this revision: “Report Abuse - Flag this Article”. You may proceed with editing, be sure to add a workflow comment with the username you are reporting, as well as any changes you have made. In extreme cases, all revisions after the abuse took place may be lost. Be sure to report these issues so we can take proper measures to prevent future occurrences.