Today is the Day to be Beautiful

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Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 07:00

Look in the mirror and see the beauty of your personality shining through. If you can’t see it, go volunteer at a retirement home.

We tend to be our own worst critic based on our looks. It’s tough when all of the magazines we see portray what appears to be perfection. I know it’s hard to get in your head but YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just as you are. Every freckle, pimple, scar is all a part of who you are right now so try to embrace those things and do something to make yourself feel more beautiful.

I recommend:

Massaging your own feet.
Painting your nails.
Taking a candlelit bubble bath.
Rubbing lotion on your arms and legs.

Pamper yourself and stop listening to others definitions of beautiful. Define your own definition. <3