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Your Role as a Role Model

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Sunday, December 13, 2015 - 07:00

Sometimes you just need to look at the picture a little closer, other times you may need to step back.

Each and every person becomes an example to someone in their lives, each of our examples play a role in the development of a persons life. Of course there are those in life who try to be the best person they can possibly be; they don’t use foul language, they say please and never pass gas in public. They are the people that stand tall and know who they are and are proud of it. But there are also other kids of role models that play a good part in a persons life.

  • Being a stickler (being strict) on ethics.
  • Having a passion (to the point of being mistaken as an addiction).
  • Being a good story teller

and many more.

One might look at this list and in the world do you consider these people to be role models, let me explain.

The stickler will instill rules and structure into a person life, they can teach a person to have a strong work ethic and how to stand up for themselves when times get rough.
The person with an addictive passion can teach someone how to follow-through on things they start. They can also teach patience and how to do things step by step instead of halfway.
A good storyteller seems unimportant but they’re not. These are the people who give passion to us...they make us want to have our own amazing stories to tell and keep us looking for opportunities to create the story of our life.

Don’t take someone for granted because you don’t understand the role they play. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to really understand how someone effects another’s life.

Every role model has a chance of messing it all up but that is a lesson all in itself; nobody is perfect. Love and care for each other and appreciate the role they play in your and others lives around you.