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The Truth About Branson Ride The Ducks

Tia Coleman Making A Statement to Press about Ride The Ducks Attraction in Branson, MO

For Tia Coleman to be so modest, what a saint. She lost 9 family members and had hardly anything bad to say about the Ride the Ducks Attraction. Maybe this is an event worth forgetting, at least for the city of Branson but here’s a little bit of truth to soak up.

A severe thunderstorm warning hit Springfield, which is 45 minutes away from Branson. This thunderstorm was taking out power and knocking over trees. I stepped outside that evening and saw just how powerful this storm was, power lines were rocking, trash cans tipped over. Ride the Ducks staff had plenty of time to pull the ducks out of that water but chose to continue on their normal path. The drivers and those who did not communicate properly from outside of the boat put these people’s lives at risk. However, the tragedy happened and now we can’t do anything about that.

Wrong. Here’s another fact. When on the water people of this attraction are trapped in this boat / vehicle vestal. They are place 2-3 persons per seat and life vests are above them but passengers are not required to wear them...why you ask. Because the boat would trap you and push you down as the life vest made you float.





Yet another point. Raw video footage was released by viewers from the Branson Belle (Docked nearby), the 2 Ride the Ducks boats passed directly in front of them, show that the boat had already taken on a significant amount of water. At one point (before passing the Branson Belle) there were gasps from viewers who though the boat was going to go under. Still the boats decided to continue to their destination (following the boat ahead of them).

I get it, accidents don’t happen on purpose but this was 100% preventable and I think Ride the Ducks should feel ashamed for allowing this to happen and hold themselves accountable to the public. after watching the video above it’s clear that this wasn’t “a fairly sudden occurrence”